The Kiln Room – Episode 4

We’ve been firing fast and furious to meet orders and have a good showing at our upcoming Woodside show. We whipped out the camera at night for this 4th episode of the Kiln Room at Earthsea Pottery.

The camera couldn’t capture the colors, so you’re left a little bit to your imagination for how they really came out… We’re figuring out the lighting.

We find a giant platter, dinnerware, more custom orders, and some experimentation.

3 Responses to “The Kiln Room – Episode 4”

  1. This was great seeing you pull out outstanding pieces. I realize that I am just fooling around with what I call ceramics, well I have only been doing it for 1 1/2 years. You are ceramic artsit that I aspire to be like in the future. Thank You for sharing.

  2. Belinda, Thanks! The more time spent doing something increases the ability to do it better and have more and more enjoyment in it, and at times frustration. Keep it up if you enjoy working with clay and it sounds like you do and like you have the fire, so keep potting around, and enjoy!

  3. Thanks for sharing. You two are really inspiring and get my creative juices going. Thanks again.

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