Turtle and Dragonfly – Sold



Title: Turtle and Dragonfly
This small round vase holds the designs most preferred by Peggy in her geometric repertoire. One side is a turtle and the other side is a dragonfly. The turtle symbolizes mother earth, female fertility, and long life. The dragonfly symbolizes transformation.

Dimensions: 6″ x 8 3/4″

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  1. What type of black glaze do you use. It is so beautiful. Not so shiny as reflective and deep,giving he piece dimension. Absolutely beautiful piece.Your colors are so vibrant and look like the texture of some of the design is raised. Makes one want to hold it and touch it. Beautiful work. Karen Hickson, Gainesville, Fl

  2. Karen,
    Thanks for your lovely comments about our work. I always tell people to “please touch” in our studio/gallery. The black glaze is a satin glaze that Michael developed by starting with a satin white glaze and added a variety of colorants and over the years it has evolved into our best black glaze yet. Michael says it’s probably gone through 10 different evolutions to get to where it is now. The glaze IS raised because it is applied thickly by hand. I use the wax resist/ glaze inlay method which over the years has gotten more complex in design and I enjoy it more and more. It’s tedious and takes patience but I love the results and the creative part of the drawing of designs and applying color.

  3. these are wonderful pots!

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