Butterfly Woman – Sold

Title: Butterfly Woman
Spirit Figure wall piece. Design and glazing by Peggy Vrana.

Dimensions: 7″ x 16 1/2″

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  1. Hello. I purchased the guitar player wall slab at the Worthington Gallery in Zion last week. Once home, I really wanted to purchase another complimentary slab, but the Gallery had posted items already sold; i.e., Kokopeli, 1st choice and then the Butterfly Woman, 2nd choice..

    Do you have others, or can I only purchase from the Gallery? They said perhaps they would have more slabs from you guys in the Spring.

    Carolyn Makaena

  2. Carolyn, I will email a photo of the newest wall piece and the only one I have at the moment to you in a few hours, as I have to take a picture of it still. It is of a woman holding 2 birds, very unique. I’ll be making more wall pieces in the near firings, and will put them up on the site when I have a few ready.
    Thanks for your inquiry and I hope I can be helpful in finding the right slab piece for you soon. Smiles, Peggy

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