About Peggy and Michael


The potter’s wheel and the paint brush are our vehicles through an intuitive landscape of ethnic design and ancient form. We utilize the raw clay juxtaposed with satin glaze surfaces to explore the endless interplay of texture and color.  We hope our work echoes of the past.

Peggy Vrana has been involved in the arts her whole life.  As a professional artist she has been a woodworker, fiber artist, and for the past 28 years, a potter. Peggy’s original designs are fluid and graceful and are inspired by the design of ancient cultures everywhere.

Michael Miller began working in clay in 1967, majoring in art at LA Pierce College, CSUN, and UCSB.  Through the mid-1970’s Michael taught pottery for UCSB Extension and SB Adult Education. He has made his living as a studio artist/potter for over 40 years.

Each piece is made on the potter’s wheel using a stoneware clay body Michael created years ago. We facet, sculpt, and add handles or attachments to the vessels. The glazes Michael has has developed for his pieces utilize variegated, textural glaze surfaces, sprayed, poured and splashed in an ever evolving and always surprising spontaneous decorative technique.

Peggy’s techniques in wax resist glaze decoration are enhanced by her calm and centered teachings in tai chi. Her patience and connection to ancient design result in inspired and visually complex pieces.

After glazing, we load the pieces into a 24 cubic foot gas kiln and high fire in a reduction atmosphere to 2350 Fahrenheit. Unloading the kiln is opening the door on the unknown, hoping for some beautiful gems.  Each piece takes a unique, one of a kind journey.

Our collaboration began 28 years ago and has been our biggest success. We have won many awards over the years, and our work is available at a few select galleries across the U.S., available always at Worthington Gallery, Springdale, UT, as well as a number of quality art festivals each year. We have a large following of collectors who we love to see each year.

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